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Who I am and Why I’m Here

My name is Morgan Orchard. Well, that’s my pen name anyway.

I have wanted to commit myself to blog-writing for some time now. I regularly have ideas about things I should write about – I am by nature an “idea person.” Unfortunately, my ideas are rarely followed by concrete action.

I have difficulty with follow through because I have an intense fear of failure. I am unbelievably compassionate when others fail – hence my career in public education. I assess myself according to a different standard, though. Anything less than my idea of “perfect” is failure when it comes to my own work. A blog with a typo, for example, frustrates me. I am fully aware of how crazy this makes me sound… or perhaps it’s just how crazy I actually am.

In spite of all that, I love to write and I’ve been told I’m quite good at it. My hope is that this blog will teach me to let go a little because in order to keep up with it, my time commitment will need to be no more than an hour per day and some days, even less. Perhaps I’ll share an idea or two – and a typo or two – and someone will find value in that.